Power wheelchairs


For maximum independence, both indoors and out. Choosing a Scout Mobility power wheelchair for everyday use means opting for a smart, robust design with lots of functional details. Every one of our powerchairs is durable, reliable and easy to use, and is fully tailored to your needs too. Whether you prefer a front-wheel, rear-wheel or mid-wheel drive base. Facing a unique challenge? We’ll work with you to find a solution. Take control and enjoy an independent lifestyle.

Power wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs: which is the right model for you?

De right power wheelchair for you will provide you with exactly what you need. And is fully tailored towards how and where you want to use your wheelchair. Whether it’s for daily activities or sports – or both.

Front-wheel, rear-wheel or mid-wheel drive base

Our powered wheelchairs – fitted with the Agilo seating system– are available in a choice of front-wheel, rear-wheel and mid-wheel drive bases. The front-wheel drive X10 FWD and X10 S FWD models are very responsive and provide a smaller turning radius than rear-wheel drive powerchairs, allowing you to easily navigate in compact indoor spaces – and achieve tighter cornering. When tackling obstacles, you benefit from extra power. As this type of wheelchair has no front castors, getting closer to a table or desk is also easier.

If you opt for a rear-wheel powered wheelchair, you will benefit from maximum stability and driving comfort on uneven terrain. The centre of gravity is further towards the back. Together with the powerful suspension system, this provides high stability and helps keep you on track, making outdoor driving at higher speeds very safe and comfortable. Just like all our other power wheelchair models, our rear-wheel drive powerchairs come with a choice of advanced controls and powered seating options. Discover the X1O RWD and the compact X10 S RWD.

Our mid-wheelers may be slightly less well known. A mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair is not just compact, but also very intuitive to drive. As a result, this wheelchair provides a uniquely smooth and comfortable driving experience, wherever you go. Excellent indoor manoeuvrability and strong outdoor performance – experience the difference with the X10 MWD and X10 S MWD powerchairs.

Extra power for plus-size people

For plus-size people and those living with obesity, we have a special heavy-duty wheelchair, designed for a maximum user weight of 250 kg: the X10 HD. This robust front-wheel drive powerchair combines a high level of driving comfort with great manoeuvrability. Choose the electrical options you need and enjoy maximum freedom, both indoors and out.

Powered wheelchairs for children

For exploring the world, playing with friends and having fun. Our powered children’s wheelchair X10 S Junior offers your child every opportunity to develop and grow. It provides a compact and robust chassis, advanced powered options and an adjustable seat frame offering an excellent range of support options. Of course, this powered wheelchair is also easy to use. And another great advantage is its seating system, which grows with your child. So growing up doesn’t mean outgrowing their electric wheelchair.

A wheelchair for everyday use and hockey powerchair all-in one

Are you looking for an electric wheelchair that is also suitable for powerchair hockey? Discover new possibilities with the X10 Hockey, our robust all-rounder fitted with a special sports package. Using this powerchair, you’ll enjoy maximum independence in your daily life, and have fun playing the sport you love!

Designed for adaptive sports: electric sports wheelchairs

Do you use a powerchair in your daily life and are you looking for a dedicated sports wheelchair to play the game you love? Then we have the perfect wheelchair for you. Discover our high-performance hockey powerchair and electric wheelchair for powerchair football, co-developed with athletes. Prefer to use your own power wheelchair for playing your favourite wheelchair sport? No problem. We can adapt your wheelchair by using a special sports bumper. Because making sports accessible to all is what we are passionate about.