Sports wheelchairs


Sport is for everyone. Our sports wheelchairs for power hockey and powerchair football allow you to get active and play your favourite game. And do so safely and with confidence. Our electric wheelchairs for wheelchair sports are robust, powerful and agile. And, of course, they’re fully tailored to your needs and ambitions. Participating in sports, playing together and celebrating successes – how cool is that?

Electric sports wheelchairs

Sports wheelchairs: explore the possibilities

We are committed to making sports accessible for everyone, and work closely together with athletes to make more possible. This is reflected in the design of our high-performance sports wheelchairs for power hockey and powerchair football – a perfect blend of technology, expertise and experience. Every detail has been carefully considered. The result: two sporting champions, the Warrior and the Lion, that will allow you to play your game – and shine. Experience the power of sport.

Passionate about powerchair hockey?

When considering an electric wheelchair sport, powerchair hockey is likely to be the first game that comes to mind. That’s hardly surprising because electric wheelchair hockey is a very popular team sport. Has it always been your dream to play power hockey? Or are you an enthusiastic powerchair hockey player who wants to get to next level? Team up with us and test the Warrior, a high-performance sports wheelchair specially designed for power hockey. It’s agile, powerful and durable.

Discover powerchair football

Watching football is fun, but nothing beats actually playing the game, right? Working together with the KNVB and Dutch football clubs like NEC and PSV, we are actively supporting the development of power soccer, or powerchair football, a fast-growing sport. Is football your favourite game and are you keen to play it actively? Then the Lion powerchair is the perfect choice for you. Discover its power

Special sports package on the X10 MWD

Are you looking for a power wheelchair that is also suitable for wheelchair sports? An electric wheelchair for everyday use and a sports wheelchair all in one? The X10 MWD powerchair is available with a special ‘power hockey package’. We can also adapt this robust electric wheelchair for powerchair football. Enjoy maximum independence in your daily life, and have fun playing the sport you love!

Adapting your wheelchair for power hockey or powerchair football

Want to use your own power wheelchair to play sports, maybe because it’s specially built to your exact needs? No problem! We have a practical and effective solution. We can adapt your powerchair by fitting it with a custom sports bumper, so you won’t need an additional power football or hockey wheelchair to participate. Interested? Contact us to find out what is possible!