Custom-built wheelchair or wheelchair adaptation? Get inspired! We have created countless individual wheelchair adaptations and custom-built wheelchairs for people all over the world. These have included everything from smart functional features and special control options to unique frame colours and coloured shrouds. Explore some examples of wheelchair personalization below for inspiration. But please remember: virtually anything is possible. So contact us with your unique challenge!

Wheelchair bed When you can only lie down and still want to remain active, that is certainly still possible. For this user, we have created a bed on our frame, complete with a swiveling work surface, electric backrest angle, tilt, and height adjustment. The frame is custom-made for this purpose.

Speciale orthese

Special Orthosis This user has a special orthosis that required transferring in and out of the chair from the front. The electric tilt function has been reversed for this purpose. To ensure safe driving, an electric adjustable mirror and a camera with a display have been installed. Electric lift, backrest angle adjustment, and leg angle adjustment are integrated. The frame is a custom-made X10 MWD frame.

Sliding seat This user wanted an electric biomechanical backrest and leg support adjustment. Additionally, for transfers, it was necessary to be able to slide the seat forward electrically without the leg support moving along. With this solution, the seat cushion can be slid forward by 16 cm.

Platform lift For individuals with dwarfism, it is usually not possible to independently get in and out of a wheelchair. There are solutions for these users where the entire seating unit can be lowered to the ground, but these are often unwieldy and large wheelchairs. To keep the wheelchair compact, we have created a lift system that is both compact and aesthetically pleasing, allowing the user to be raised from the ground to the seat cushion. The controls are located on the lift itself.


All our power wheelchairs are available with a wide range of personalization and adjustment options as standard. But we will, of course, also be happy to help you with a wheelchair that is fully made to order. Customization is our specialty. Have a unique request or facing a functional challenge? We’ll work with you to assess your requirements, taking a hands-on and with an eye for any potential risks. We’ll then create a safe and effective adaptation or specially-made wheelchair that is truly tailored to your needs!

Customization: a custom-built wheelchair for you