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"The Warrior is so agile and fast; I feel completely in tune with this chair, allowing me to push myself to the maximum in competitions." - Rodi (The Netherlands) is using the Warrior

"My dream was to be able to play soccer. Scout Mobility has helped make that dream come true with the development of the Lion soccer wheelchair. With their support, we will definitely become champions one day!" - Thijs (The Netherlands) is using the Lion

"For a long time, I've been searching for a manufacturer that builds high-quality, reliable wheelchairs, and I came across Scout Mobility. Custom adjustments from the factory are a special feature of Scout; their expertise and customer orientation are excellent. Additionally, Scout offers a fast and flexible after-sales service." -  Eckhard (Germany) is using the X10 MWD


"The Warrior has helped me take my powerchair hockey skills to the next level. The Scout Mobility team were really helpful and ensured my chair was customized to me and my needs so I can perform to my fullest." - Meghan (Canada) is using the Warrior

"The commitment and involvement of Scout Mobility have made it possible for us to actually start wheelchair soccer in the Netherlands now. Many people are going to enjoy this." - foundation De Voetbaldroom (The Netherlands)

"The X10 by Scout Mobility gives me the opportunity to once again enjoy nature, even when the trails are a bit less accessible." - Frans (The Netherlands) is using the X10 MWD

"As APHC VZW, we organize a unique 2v2 E-hockey tournament every year, where players from all over the world can come together to play sports, meet each other, and grow together. We are very pleased that Scout Mobility is present to provide technical support." - Dijana, Maxime, Drago, Senne and Senne (Belgium)