The sports wheelchair of choice for powerchair football

Discover the Lion, the electric wheelchair of choice for powerchair football, and play your favourite game. The Lion football powerchair is robust and powerful, and combines ease of use and agility with superior performance, so you can perform to the fullest!

This high-performance sports wheelchair for powerchair football has been co-designed with athletes, which is reflected in the design – a perfect blend of technology, expertise and experience. Every detail has been carefully considered, so you can play your game safely and with confidence.

Tailor the Lion to your needs through advanced controls and powered options (power back recline and/or seat tilt). Looking for even more speed and power? Opt for extra-large batteries for maximum performance.

High-performance powerchair: agile and powerful

A wheelchair for powerchair football must be compact, powerful and extremely agile. Thanks to the position of the drive wheels, the Lion rotates around its own axis, making it intuitive to drive. You can smoothly navigate and, also due to the optimal centre of gravity, quickly twist and turn. The ultra-strong motors provide extra power, enabling you to quickly accelerate – and score!

Safety first

In the design of the Lion, we put safety first. After all, a football powerchair must be reliable and provide optimal protection. That’s why this robust wheelchair is fitted with special sports bumpers – detachable leg protection and a fold-up rear frame. Plus, you benefit from heavy-duty motors and high-end electronics. 

Co-designed with athletes

You can tell, the Lion has been co-designed with athletes. Every detail has been carefully considered. Whether it’s the air-cooling on the motors and the control module, which reduces power usage, allowing you to play longer (and enhancing the lifetime of the components). Or the smart construction of the rear frame. This frame folds up, making it easy to tackle obstacles.

Adapting your wheelchair for powerchair football

Are you looking for a powered wheelchair that is also suitable for powerchair football? An electric wheelchair for everyday use and a football powerchair all in one? Using a smart custom solution, we can adapt the robust X10 MWD for powerchair football. So you’ll enjoy maximum independence in your daily life, and have fun playing the sport you love!

Want to use your own power wheelchair to play football, maybe because it’s specially built to your exact needs? No problem! We can adapt your wheelchair by using a special sports bumper. Interested? Contact us to find out what’s possible!

Making more possible: customization

Facing a unique challenge or have a special request? We’ll look at the possibilities together. And then create an individual adaptation or custom football powerchair that is truly tailored to you. Because we believe that everyone should be able to play sports!


Maximum user weight 120 kg
Maximum speed 10 km/h
Batteries 76 Ah
Total lenght 1265 mm
Total width* 730 mm
Seat depth 450 - 500 mm
Seat with 340 - 500 mm
Seat height, cushion excluded 380 mm
Ground Clearance 90 mm
Backrest height 500 mm
Powered back angle** 30°
Powered recline** 25°
Drive Wheels 3.00 x 8
Castor Wheels 80 x 25 mm

* This is only a representation of the standard, customer specific requirements are possible
** Optional, not in standard version


Specially designed for powerchair football, the Lion from Scout Mobility is a robust football powerchair that allows you to actively play and perform to the fullest. Because football is for everyone.

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